90 Day eBay Power Seller Challenge

90 Day eBay Power Seller Challenge

Everything you need to be an eBay Powerseller in 3 Months

To be a Powerseller you need to achieve and fulfil certain requirements. You need to sell a certain number of items a Month for a minimum of 3 Months or make a certain amount of money each Month for 3 Months.
There are five levels to aspire to within the PowerSeller Program. Each requires a seller to meet and maintain either a pre-set level of average gross merchandise volume (GMV) or a pre-set quantity of items sold for the past three months of selling activity. eBay will recognise each member at the higher level attained.

Why sell EBooks on eBay?

It’s quite simply really, because they are so easy to sell. E-Books, (Electronic Books) are probably one of the best selling items on eBay. They can be downloaded and read on your PC.

They cost nothing to deliver, your not rushing to the post box or post office every day. You can even have them deliver themselves.
You have a worldwide audience and you can sell endless items on almost any subject.
1000s and 1000s of E-Books are sold every hour on eBay and I am going to show you how to join 100s of sellers and start to make a real income from selling them.

If you do a worldwide search for ‘e-book’ or ‘e-book’ on eBay you will probably see well over 5000 results. And a lot of E-Books don’t even have the word ‘e-book’ in the title. I would imagine at any given time there will be about 30,000 E-Books for sale on eBay. Basically, E-Books are everywhere, you probably have a few right now on your PC.

What you will need

This is what you will need to make things run smoothly.
1. I imagine you will already have an eBay account but if your new to eBay then go to ebay.com and register for an account.
2. Some webspace and a domain name. (not essential but highly recommended)
3. A free email account.
4. Compress your files
5. Be able to view a PDF
6. eBay turbo lister.
7. eBay selling manager.
8. A PayPal account.
9. A Squaretrade account

Getting Webspace

Get some webspace. You will find things much easier if you have some webspace and upload all your E-Books in zip format. Then all you need to do is send out emails to the winning buyer and provide the link so they can download the E-Book straight from your webspace.
Of course you could send out the E-Books as attachments but I would strongly advise against this for the following reasons.
1, Some people don’t know how to open an attachment.
2, Some people are worried about viruses contained in attachments.
3, Some email clients prevent attachments from being opened.
4, Your outbox will be constantly full because of the size of the emails your sending.
5, Your customers inbox may be full and they will not receive your E-Book.
6, You could get blamed for a virus someone receives.

You should have some free webspace provided with your internet service provider. If your not sure ask them and get your web address (url) from them.
Now get yourself a domain name. You can get one for only £1.99 per year from 1&1.
They also provide very competitive rates for webspace if you have none. I have used them for 3 years and have never had any problems. They also have an excellent local rate customer service help line if you run into any problems.
Check the link below for more details.

Your probably thinking, “why bother getting a domain?”. Well the reason is simple.
Imagine sending out a download link – Which looks the most professional?


The first one is your webspace and I’m sure you will agree it looks more professional. The second one is made up but it will look something like that. Remember, your trying to bring customers back so the more professional you look the better.

You could also set up your own E-Book store and send out this link to your customers. You could maybe offer a bulk package or discounts compared to your eBay store. If you do have free webspace 1&1 will let you redirect your chosen domain to any address you want. So you can be up and running for only $1.99

Put all your zipped E-Books in a folder called ebooks and simply upload the whole folder. See your web host for instructions on how to upload as they all differ, most will provide free software to upload.

Now lets say I have an E-book called hypnosis. This E-Book will be at the location www.yourdomain.com/ebooks/hypnosis.zip. That would be the link I send out to my customer. Much better than sending an attachment.

Get a free email account

If you want to set up auto delivery you will need an email account to use with outlook express. Again, you may have one free with your Internet Service Provider.
If you sign up for any webspace with namecheap you can make a free email account through cPanel.

There are also many free email providers as well –  just do a search on google for free email, however to make your email address look official you really want to have an email based on your domain.  For example, if you register a domain like www.example.com, then you want an email address like yourname@example.com or something similar.

Compress your files

You will need to compress your E-Books. This reduces space on your server (webspace) and speeds up download times. You already have this function in Windows or Linux on your PC. Simply right-click on your eBook and select ‘Send to (compressed) zip folder’

View a PDF file

Loads of E-Books are in PDF format. You will need acrobat reader to view them or you can use one of the free major browsers like Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

eBay Turbo Lister is dead 🙁 – But We have a Replacement

You need a lister and for most people starting out eBay sellers hub should be OK. However, if you opt to install or use a listing service our choice would be Sixbit. SixBit is run by John Slocum, who created the first ever eBay selling tool, AuctionAssistant, in 1997. He then spent ten years working with eBay as a software developer before starting SixBit in 2009. Since this article is more about selling and less of a ‘lister-review’ we’ll just stick with that.
Here’s a short tutorial

Selling manager Pro

This is a subscription based service eBay provides. If your selling loads of items it can take care of invoices, feedback, feedback reminders, auto relisting and a whole lot more. This saves hours a week and is worth the small Monthly fee eBay charge. Check eBay for details.

A PayPal account

You must have a PayPal account, without one you will get nowhere, you also you need one to set up auto delivery of your E-Books. visit www.paypal.com for details.

A Squaretrade account

I would recommend you join Squaretrade, this shows you are a trusted seller and you get the Squaretrade seal like mine below inserted into all your auctions. You will notice the difference in sales as soon as you join as any potential customer knows you can be trusted. Click on my seal below for more info.

Choosing the title for your listing

Your title is crucial as this is what gets a potential customer to view what you are selling. You could be selling the bargain of the decade but if no one clicks on your title you wont make a penny.
Try to keep your title relevant to the product your selling. Also experiment with different titles till you find a winning formula. Lets say we are selling an E-Book on hypnotism. Which title appeals to you the most?
1. E-Book on hypnotism. Find out more.
2. E-Book. Discover hypnosis.
3. Hypnosis, the secrets revealed. Ultimate guide.
I am hoping you have chosen number 3. If you did there will probably have been 3 keywords that attracted you to it:
“Secrets – Revealed – Ultimate”
People love to find out ‘secrets’ you will see this word a lot on eBay. The 2 words together, ‘secrets revealed’ makes the visitor want to click on your title to find out more.
You should also capitalise certain words to draw the visitor in. Something like.

Hypnosis, the SECRETS REVEALED. Ultimate guide.

Notice how you look straight at SECRETS REVEALED. As E-Books usually provide ‘secret info’ you can use this method a lot. There are many other words you can use to draw visitors to click on your title such as:-
Amazing, fantastic, rare, best on eBay, mint, make money, resell, resale, superb, complete guide.
There are many more. Try browsing eBay and looking at what words the big sellers use. These words work best capitalised, but don’t make the whole title capitalised as this won’t draw visitors to your keywords. Also, make sure you use as many of the characters allowed in your title as possible. (56 characters)

Listing Tips – Extremely Important!

OK. You’ve got all your E-Books and sorted out your prices and now your ready to start listing. Once you start to list your items there are a couple of very important things to remember. The day and time you start your listings is crucial as over 80% of sales occur as the listing is ending. This is because your item is coming to the top of the category as it’s ending, so you need to work this out.

Most people work from 9-5 so the best times to end your auctions is between 7-11pm. Also, it’s not a very good idea to have your listings end between 6 and 10 on Friday and Saturday nights cause most people are out, but after 11 can usually be good. Weekend afternoons, in particular Sundays are good. I always put my auctions on a 10 day duration for maximum exposure and always make a point to list all my items on a Thursday afternoon and night.

This is because they will all end on a Sunday afternoon and night and that’s when I seem to have the most success. I have found Sunday, Monday and Thursdays are the best days for sales. Also, you will have more success at the beginning of the Month as most people get paid at the end of the Month. Once you start you will probably not see much action till your auctions start to end. It’s very important to list every day then after the initial 10 days you will have auctions ending daily. I use turbo lister, once set up it only takes minutes to list 100s of items. Try to list at least 10-15 items a day then after 10 days you will have over 100 auctions running.

Try to spread out the start times of your auctions. For example. If you had 30 E-Books to list you could make your first one start around 7pm then list one every 10 minutes, then the last item would start at midnight. That means all these auctions would end between 7pm – 12am 10 days later. This seems to help with sales as all your auctions are not ending at the same time. If you are a selling manager pro subscriber in the UK you can spread out the start times for all of your auctions free. I think this varies with other countries and you would need to check eBay in your country for more information.

Use turbo lister spread the start times. Just check the box at the bottom of the page, set the time you want your auctions to start and the amount in minutes you want them separated. You may have noticed a lot of my sales are from single listings. If I list an e-book at 47p + 50p administration charge (place this in the postage section). It costs 15p to list and only 2p in eBay fees if the item sells. If you list a Multi/Dutch auction you cannot list lower than 99p and you can only list in one category.

So for the price of one Dutch auction, $2. You can list 11 e-books in 11 different categories. The reason I list at 47p is to get more exposure at the top of the ‘lowest first’ search listings. I would not recommend putting an admin charge on all of your listings as although this has never happened to me I have heard of eBay ending items like this. If your gonna do it just do it to a few listings. I also list a lot of single items at 98p. This has no admin charge and also gets you quite high in the ‘lowest first’ search.

Another way to get top of the ‘lowest first’ search is to have a few auctions (not buy now) starting at 1p. Make sure you mention at the start of the listing your E-Book is available to buy now in your eBay store. You may get some books only selling at 1p but this way gains lots of visitors to your store. The strange thing is some auctions will sell for more than your asking as the buy now price, I think some people just like the thrill of winning the auction. It’s not unusual to have an item that’s selling for 98p on buy it now going for over $3 in an auction.

Once you know your best sellers you can think of charging between $2 and $3 instead of 98p. When you do this I would advise doing a Multi/Dutch auction pricing your items at $2.49 each. Make 50 items available, then make it bold, highlighted and featured and use a sub title, also choose the gallery image (not gallery featured). This will cost you just under $15 in listing fees but you only need to sell 6 to break even then the rest is profit. Once you find these items and the best categories you can’t lose. You could have say 10 – 20 featured auctions running each making you between $10 and $50 (or even more) profit for a 10 day duration. Not bad for sitting back and doing nothing.

Another crucial thing to remember is to make sure you check the post worldwide box in the postage section. This makes your item available worldwide. So many eBayers overlook this, if you don’t check this your listings will only be seen by people in the same country as you. I would say about a quarter of my sales are to overseas customers.

It’s best to relist unsuccessful single items at least once as you get your fees returned if it’s successful the second time around, this gives you 20 days advertising from only 15p. However, if the item does not sell the second time around you will have to pay for both listings. if this happens consider changing the title or category.

Consider using selling manager pro as this can take care of relisting multiple items. Also, if you have an E-Book that is virtually a non seller don’t give up on it. Simply list it as a store inventory item in your eBay store. This only costs pennies per Month and helps fill your store. Also, make sure you accept every form of payment possible including cheques, postal orders and other online payment systems as well as PayPal.

Gaining feedback quick

If you have a low feedback rating or are new to eBay your gonna have to get your rating up before you will start to be successful. Once you get into double figures, preferably over 50 you will start to notice more sales. The best way to get your feedback up if it’s low is to go and buy some E-Books, make sure you buy books with resale rights. Not only will you be improving your rating your getting some stock to set you on your way.

Just do a search for ebooks then hit the lowest first option. It’s possible to buy all the stock you need to get started for a few pounds or even a few pennies.
Make sure you search worldwide, just check items worldwide on eBay’s home page as you can pick up loads of E-Books for $1 which is only about 60p.
You may even see some for less as there will be other members selling cheaply just to get their rating up.

I always leave feedback first when I buy and if I have not received feedback in return after a few days I email the seller and ask if they will leave me feedback in return for mine. Most sellers simply forget but you will usually get your feedback within 24 hours.

Watch out for sellers selling for 1p or 1c as they will probably be upping the price by charging you for postage. I have seen many eBayers selling for 1p but charging $4.99 postage as an admin fee, make sure you check the postage cause if you hit buy now your committed to buy.

Keep your customers happy and protect your feedback

To gain powerseller status your feedback must be over 98%. Follow the simple rules below and your feedback will always be excellent and you will have no problems. Your feedback is your biggest selling tool bar none and you must protect this the best way you can.  I have found through experience being polite at all times and in all circumstances goes a very long way in achieving a good rating.

A happy customer is a good customer and you will find many eBayers come back for more if you are polite and efficient. Always be polite in any emails with customers particularly before any sale. Do your best to reply to any questions within 24 hours. If you have the time check your emails as often as you can as a potential customer will only look somewhere else if you don’t respond quickly.

If you do reply after 24 hours start your email by apologising for the delay. If you can set up an autoresponder letting your potential customer know your email has been received. When I send out my email to the winning bidder I always have it look something like:

Dear eBay Member.
Thank you so much for choosing to buy from me.
I know you have a lot of choices and I appreciate your business.
First of all, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from me please let me know before leaving feedback.
As long as you are happy with your purchase please leave me positive feedback and I will do the same for you as soon as I can.
You can download your E-Book from the link below.
(insert your link here)
On some systems the link may not load, if this happens simply copy the link and paste it into the address bar in your web browser.
If you need any help at all or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Once again thank you for your custom, I hope we can do business again in the near future.
If you have not checked out my eBay store why not take a look as I have many more quality E-Books for sale.
(enter the link to your eBay store here)

Straight away the transaction is off to a friendly start.

I feel this politeness only encourages the customer to leave nothing but positive feedback as I have stated I will do the same for them. Also, they have been made aware to contact me first before leaving any feedback if there are any problems or concerns. Notice how I have thanked them twice for their custom and hope to do business again. This encourages them to consider further purchases. Perhaps even clicking on the link to my eBay store and buying more E-Books.

If someone asks for a refund don’t ask why just refund them. You may get a rude or offensive email saying your product is rubbish, this will usually be from someone with little or no computer skills not knowing how to use your product. Simply apologise and process the refund. After all, it’s only cost you about 40p-50p for the sale so why risk a negative for so little.

From time to time you will get awkward offensive customers but try to rise above any war of words and stay calm. If you have to reply always be polite. I know it can be hard but if you stay polite while someone else is losing it you will feel better. Plus if negative feedback is left it may pay off later. (see below)
There will always be one awkward eBayer who leaves a negative, this will happen no matter how good you are and my experience has found it’s normally the newbies who are most likely to leave you a negative, this is also normally done without contacting you first and it can be very frustrating.
(see below for tips on how to get this removed)

One or two negatives per 500 or so sales won’t hurt anyway and if you keep your percentage above 98-99% you will have no problems.
The best way to protect your feedback when you sell is to never leave feedback first. This stops lots of negatives. I learned this the hard way. When I was new to eBay I always left feedback as soon as I received payment. Believe me, this is not the way to do it. A happy customer will always leave feedback first.

One method I have used a few times is I have been left a negative off someone who has left the feedback without contacting me first. This has usually happened because their spam filter has caught my email and instead of enquiring about it they just decide to go and leave a negative comment. eBay states to try and resolve any disputes by contacting your trading partner before leaving feedback, this is stated clearly before they hit the ‘proceed to leave feedback’ button.

So in return I have left them a negative saying something like ‘unwarranted negative feedback, no communication prior to feedback’ So now we both have a negative, I give it about a week and then contact them saying it would be in both our interests and if they would like to remove both feedbacks mutually through eBay. It’s happened to me a few times and usually the feedback has been removed. It may sound unethical but it works.

This is why you must always be polite at all times as if you end up in a war of words it’s highly unlikely that your trading partner will agree to mutual removal of feedback.

Did you know you can also get negatives removed through Squaretrade. I would recommend joining as you get the Squaretrade seal like mine below inserted into your listings which shows you are a trusted seller.
For more info visit www.squaretrade.com

Automate delivery of your E-Books with Outlook Express

Many eBayers still sit at their PC sending e-books to customers. Apart from this boring repetitive task your customers have to wait for delivery.
They would rather get their product straight away, plus if you mention in your listing you deliver immediately you have more chance of making that sale. Plus this gives you more time to get on with your life.

How to Setup Your Email

You can use this if you want winning buyer emails sent out for download instructions instead of sending out an attachment.
Make sure you use a separate email address from your main eBay account. Also make sure you add this to your PayPal account. You must also have this address as a separate identity in outlook express. To create a new identity click on file > identity > add new identity. This is the email address your payments will go to. When you list an item on eBay you can add this email address in the payment and postage section.

Another way to do this is to use a web based email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo for eBay. These are free. Then use your outlook express account for your PayPal payments. You can then have both email accounts running at the same time. REMEMBER TO ADD BOTH THESE ADDRESSES TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.
myemailaddress@hotmail.com REGISTERED WITH EBAY AND PAYPAL

In this example we are going to set up an auto responder for the eBay item ‘Automate delivery of your e-books with outlook express’. You need to have all your emails in a folder as TEXT DOCUMENTS.

In outlook express click on tools, then message rules, then mail. You will now have the message rules dialogue box open. In section 1 select the 3rd box.
Now you will see in box 3 a rule has been added, click on it. Now add the EXACT TITLE including any commas or full stops. It’s best to copy and paste your title from your listing, make sure there are no spaces before or after the title. Click on add. Now in section 2 select the box ‘reply with message’, then click on the text in section 3 named ‘message’. In the files of type (bottom of picture below) select Text:
Now locate the text document you wish to use, click on open. Name the rule (section 4) and click on Ok
Finally, set your send/receive options in outlook express to about 5 minutes. Go to tools > options. Now tick the ‘check for new messages every’ and put in 5. This means outlook express will check for new messages every 5 minutes and if you have any new mail it will respond.
That’s it.

You have now set it up. Now any email going to this email address with that specific text will reply with the text document you specified. That’s why you need a separate email address cause if you got any questions through eBay it would reply with download instructions for your e-book and your potential customer would get it free.

You can test it by sending a test email from another address with the auction title in the email body. There are different rules you can apply and you can do it different if you want to. I just wanted to show you how easy it is to set up. Now just sit back and let your auctions go on auto pilot. There is nothing better than getting up in the morning to see you have sold a bundle of E-Books and they have been delivered, positive feedback has been left and you have done the same in return. All while you have been asleep!

Open an eBay™ store

You must have an eBay store. Without one you won’t sell half as much as you will by having a store. Make sure you name all your categories and put items in every one. If a store looks full a visitor is more likely to browse. Advertise your store in every listing and provide a link. Don’t just expect visitors to click on the link eBay provides. Spend time getting it looking right, eBay provides many tools to help you get a professional look, even if you have little computer knowledge. Why not have a look at my store.

Generate visitors to your eBay™ store

Right, it doesn’t take a genius to work this formula out. More visitors = more sales = powerseller status. Make sure you provide a link to your store in every auction. Don’t just expect people to click on the link eBay provides. Make a link and ask people to click on it and they will. How many times have you seen the term ‘please view my other auctions’ or ‘visit my eBay store for more bargains’ I bet you’ve clicked on those links sometimes too? I know I have. Its all about encouraging the person to do what you want. After all, if they don’t click on your link what have you lost? Nothing.

Another way to generate visitors to your eBay store is through email. You should include a signature in your emails. Something like the one below. In outlook express go to tools, options then signatures and set one up.
Get 100s of E-Books from only 1p at my eBay store
Simply visit www.myebaystore.com
Notice how I use = as a border, this makes your signature stand out. Notice how I mention from 1p. All you have to do is have a few auctions (not buy now) starting at 1p. In these 1p auctions mention the E-Book is available as a buy it now item from your eBay store and provide a link. Always mention you have 100s of other titles in your store and always provide a direct link at the start of each listing. Your book may only sell for 1p but loads of people will click on the link and visit your store.

Also, use the auto invoice eBay selling manager or PayPal provides (use one or the other, not both), again mention you have more E-Books for sale in your store. Also mention this in your winning buyer emails.
You can also mention in any emails that you have a mailing list. Ask people to sign up in any winning buyer emails. Perhaps offer a free E-Book just for signing up.

If you can set up an auto responder. Have it say something like:-
Hi. Thanks for getting in touch, I have received your email and will respond soon. Then include your signature.
Get 100s of E-Books from only 1p at my eBay store
Simply visit www.myebaystore.com
Notice this one has stars (shift + 8) Experiment and find out what you like best.
Under no circumstances should you spam any past customers. I’m pretty sure you hate receiving spam (unsolicited emails) and so will your past customers, and by spamming them you will probably have the opposite effect of gaining more custom. You may also be reported to your internet service provider or eBay.

Powerseller rules?

If you stick to the simple rules below I guarantee you will become a powerseller within 90 days. The only exception to this is if your feedback drops below 98%. However, if you look at the ‘importance of feedback’ page and follow the instructions there your feedback will never drop below 98%.
1. Try to list at least 10 different items every day. Always list for 10 days or if your in the US at least 7 days. (this avoids the 10 day fee)
2. Always relist unsold items at least once as you get your fees returned if the item sells second time around.
3. Add more E-Books to your collection. Make it your policy to add at least 1 new E-Book per week.
4. Open an eBay store and provide a link in all your listings and winning bidder emails.
5. Run a few auctions (not buy now) starting at 1p or 1c, one a day will do, just list a different item every day. These may not sell for much but it attracts buyers to your store. It also adds to sales and feedback.
6. Once you hit 100 sales you are only 2 Months away, just keep going.
7. Remember, 100 sales a Month is all you need, that’s only between 3 and 4 sales a day.
That’s it.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to simply browse eBay for E-Books with resale rights. The best way to find good sellers is to look for E-Books in featured auctions as the person selling them must have them featured for a reason. If it’s from an experienced seller with loads of feedback watch the item and see how many they sell. If they seem to do well you know it’s gonna be a good seller so buy it. Or browse eBay for the same E-Book at a lower price.

I would recommend you sell at least 25 different items. You could buy these from other eBay sellers or look to buy a bulk package and sell these separately. You could also use your favourite search engine and do a search for ‘free ebooks’. There are 1000s out there and it’s possible to get a nice collection ready to sell without spending a penny. Remember, you already have one E-Book that you can resell. This one.

PowerSeller LevelGross Merchandise Volume (GMV)Quantity of Items sold

To achieve and retain PowerSeller status, you need to:

  • Establish a track record of consistent sales achievement (see above for minimum requirements for gross merchandise volume or quantity of items sold);
  • Maintain a minimum average monthly total of four (4) sold listings for the past three months;
  • Be an active seller on the eBay site for a minimum duration of 90 days;
  • Achieve and maintain a minimum feedback rating of 100 and a minimum of 98% total positive feedback;
  • Be in good standing by complying with eBay Listing Policies;
  • Keep your eBay account current – i.e. no overdue payments
  • Deliver responses to successful bidders within three business days;
  • Uphold the eBay Community Values, including honesty, timeliness and mutual respect.

All I ask you to do is follow my instructions and you will be a powerseller and start making a healthy profit on eBay just like I do.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking E-Books don’t sell. They are one of the best and fastest selling items on eBay.
Think about it. What’s the most sought after item on the internet?
Information. Yes information. Well that’s what an E-Book basically is. It’s a source of information.
This is the information age and these E-Books sell like hot cakes.

Check out my sold listings below.
This is taken from my eBay selling manager sold items schedule.
I assure you it has not been edited in any way!

It’s not just a case of buying a few E-Books and listing them, you need to know loads of crucial things that separate your listings from 1000s of others.

This is what you will get if you choose to join me.

  • You will get every single E-Book I currently sell on eBay plus more. Check my other items or my eBay store. These are worth more than the price of this item alone.
  • You will get every single E-Book I acquire in the future. You will never have to pay for an E-Book again. I add at least 3 E-Books per Month, usually more.
  • You will also receive an extra 8000 E-Books.
  • I can pay up to £25 for a single E-Book and you will get them free.
  • I will show you how to automate everything from delivery to invoicing and feedback. Just sit back and let everything go on auto pilot. This is the computer age, no need to sit at your PC sending E-Books like so many other sellers do when you can be getting on with your life. Plus the customer gets their purchase instantly. Check my feedback for comments such as ‘delivered instantly’
  • You will find out the secrets most other powersellers don’t know.
  • I will give you 24/7 support and advice via email. If you run into problems just contact me.
  • You will be provided with listing templates, simply copy them, edit them as you wish and paste them into your eBay listings. These include flash banners.
  • I will provide you with 1000s of auction templates, web templates, flash banners, selling tools and more. Again, this is worth the price of this auction alone.
  • I will provide you with all the emails you need to send out to your customers. You can even let your customers download their E-Books from my webspace. Simply copy all my emails, replace my name with yours and send them out to your customers. Of course you don’t have to do this but the option is there if you wish.
  • And here is the best bit. I will show you how you can sell one item for up to £25.00 a time. This info alone is worth the price of this auction. I will also provide you with the best way to package your own info product that can bring in £100s per week. Just like I am doing.
  • What you are buying is a complete package, my experience and my support. Plus any future info/knowledge I gain. Who else could offer this sort of package.
  • In fact you could become even more profitable than me as I will be committed to providing you with every E-Book I sell. Remember, you can add your own and sell even more.
  • Please remember this, eBay feedback can’t lie. Mine is there for all to see.

I have just added your very own E-Book website to this package.
It is stocked with some of the best selling E-books on the internet and once set up correctly is fully automated.
Just sit back and watch the money roll in. You will also receive free updates.

The E-Book website is now ready. Now as you can see this is a very good looking site and this is probably worth more than the price of this item alone.
Your site will be just the same apart from the banner. This can be easily changed to make the site reflect the name of your web address.

So there you have it! The complete package.
Everything you see on this page will be available from my special members resources website I have set up.
You will receive your log in details as soon as you complete payment.

There you can download all the E-Books I currently sell and read my tips and advice pages.
You will also be kept up to date with any news and developments.

Now I bet your thinking, why would he let me have all this info if it’s so good, surely he’s just making competition for himself?

Well, if you do a worldwide search for “ebook” on eBay you will see over 5000 results, and that’s not counting E-Books without the word “ebook” in the title.
There are 1000s of E-Books for sale and I can’t see it making much difference to my sales as there is so much potential out there for future sales.
Plus of course I want your money. (just being honest)

Important. Please read all the information below.
What you are buying is a username and password to gain access to my members website.
There you will find everything detailed on this page.
Your details will be sent via email to your primary PayPal email address as soon as you make payment.
Payments via PayPal only, the reason for this is you could not make a serious income without a PayPal account.
You will also need basic computer skills such as sending emails and listing items on eBay.
Domain and hosting are not included with the website.
You will need your own host and domain. You will also need to add your own PayPal add to cart buttons.
This process will take about an hour to complete and full step by step instructions are included.

So now you have come this far you have 2 choices.

You can either click on the little cross in the top right corner or you can buy this item and join me in making a nice extra income.
Don’t make the mistake of clicking on the cross!

This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
If you follow my instructions and you are not a Powerseller in 3 Months I will refund you in full.

This item sells for $24.99 on eBay. By buying here you will save £5.
You will receive your login details as soon as you pay.

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