Complete Moron’s Guide to eBay Selling


What I am offering you isn’t some standard e-Book or how to document. It can’t compare to anything you’ve ever purchased online so far! It’s a simple and straightforward system that will have you selling and making money on eBay in less than a week’s time… Even if you’ve never sold a thing in your life!

You may be happy with the status quo of your life right now, but have seen something on TV that piqued your interest about selling on eBay. You’ve seen the teens that have made tens of thousands of dollars selling novelty T-shirts, and you wonder, “Why can’t I do that?” But you think it takes a lot of time and energy to sell anything on eBay, or you just don’t know where to start.

Well, it IS possible to make money with eBay. And it’s a lot easier than you think.

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The eBook folder, as you may have guessed, contains the eBook. You will need Adobe Reader to read it and print it out. Most modern computers come equipped with this software. If you don’t have it, you can download it for  free from:

The other folder contains the sales page you can use to sell this ebook and make some extra cash. Please see LICENCE.txt for more info

You have an idea. You want to sell items over the Internet, using eBay. You’ve talked to friends, family, watched other people JUST LIKE YOU make a bundle using eBay in the same way (even watched total morons with less IQ than a potato chip becoming power sellers), but you have no idea how to get the job done.

Or maybe you are already an eBay Seller, but need a way to get your business jump-started. Fast.

And you are fully aware that with the right information, some time and energy and a bit of guidance from an expert, that you could transform your online selling experience into a fast-growing Internet business that pays you cold, hard cash.

But do you know who to ask, and where to go to get this information?

Of course not. Most people don’t actually know someone FIRST HAND that has made an excellent profit from selling products and services on eBay. But you don’t need to! I’ve created an all-inclusive system for you that shows you the inside secrets and tips you need to be a huge success…


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